Fiscal Warehouse

Fiscal Warehouse

At DASSA we attend to the logistical requirements necessary for foreign trade. We offer a range of services that guarantee the safety and care of your merchandise throughout the process:
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To guarantee the quality of our service we have 10,000 m2 of covered warehouse, container square and truck yard. In addition, our warehouses have 24-hour security, surveillance posts at all entrances equipped with CCTV cameras, alarm system, income and visitor control, and trained dogs.

Certified quality by ISO 9001 standards

This standard certifies the quality of our storage, classification, custody of merchandise in our bonded warehouse for imports and exports and management of transport to and from the port and the fiscal deposit.

We are specialize in:

Integral personal effects service. We know the value that people place on their “personal effects”. For this reason, we have highly trained personnel in the packaging, handling and conservation of this type of merchandise, and exclusive sectors for its storage.Integral merchandise service IMO – IMDG. We have conditioned warehouses and first-rate training in the handling, storage and transportation of “dangerous goods” (IMDG Code).Goods of vegetable and animal origin. We have the SENASA authorization for export and import goods (Res. 714/10 and Res. 215/14) and the Single Registry of the Agrifood Chain (RUCA – Res. 1052/12).
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